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We are humbled and grateful for the generous feedback from our Pastors and attendees.

From Pastors

Pat and Lamont Williams are amazing, anointed vessels of God that impart wisdom based on their experiences in Christ. We at Grace Covenant Church are tremendously blessed to call them family. If you have the opportunity to sit in on one of their sessions on varying parenting or marriage topics, please don’t hesitate. You will be the better for your encounter with Christ through them.

Daryl Taylor

Family Pastor, Grace Covenant Church

Navigating and cultivating marriages in our current world can be challenging and difficult.  Lamont and Patricia have a unique and powerful way of bringing biblical principles of marriage to a practical application that brings ease and health to every marriage relationship.  

My husband and I had the privilege of serving on the same marriage ministry team with them for several years and we have witnessed them help countless couples find strength and victory in their relationships. Take the journey and enjoy the ride! You will not be disappointed! 


Danell Perkins 
Lead Pastor, Rise Community Church


Lamont and Pat have been pillars in my life and ministry for years. As mentors, teachers, and friends they have shaped and formed countless marriages in our church, including my own! They live what they teach and teach what they live - which is a selfless, Christ-centered approach to learning to love your spouse the way God loves you.

AJ McGraw

Associate Pastor, Grace Covenant Church

Lamont and Pat are two of our favorite people. We are so grateful to call them friends and our lives have been stretched and blessed through time spent with them. They have cultivated a deep relationship and rich love for God that is evident in their personal lives, marriage, and family. We anticipate their annual trip to Hawaii and our church community has been encouraged by their marriage and parenting sessions which are full of wisdom, laughter, and practical application. Their ministry is one birthed out of experience that is sure to encourage couples, regardless of where they are on their marriage and parenting journey.     


Gregg and Kris Brennes

Lead Pastors, Grace Bible Church Honolulu

From Pastors
From Attendees

Before getting married we attended a premarital class at our church and that is where we met Patty and Lamont. Over the last 10 years their marriage and lives have modeled for us righteous living and what a Godly marriage looks like. They have always been so authentically loving and supportive of us in our marriage and also very intentional in always pointing us to Christ and encouraging spiritual growth both individually and as a couple. We are so grateful to have encountered them before we said I DO and to have them in our lives as a couple we can turn to for ongoing guidance and support.

Osten and Stephanie

Pat and Lamont have been amazing marriage mentors.  Their diligence to keep God center in their marriage is very inspirational.Their ability to mentor couples through every season of life is such a blessing. Take their classes and get connected with them you won’t regret it!

Jasmine and Glen

As a former NFL player and the wife of a NFL  player, we have seen our share of good and bad times. We understand the value of good coaches and how they can help win or lose a game. Lamont and Pat are not only good COACHES, but great coaches that have helped us continue to have a great marriage. We've been married for 32 years and it's not by magic, it's by the love of God and work. Lamont and Pat have been there for us as teachers and as Friends. That's who they are, how they live and the calling that God has put on their lives. We are honored to have been a part of their ministry and to not to just call them friends - THEY ARE FAMILY!

Ken and Janice 

Like so many, we started our marriage without really knowing how to navigate the rough patches. Through practical exercises, relatable experiences, biblical wisdom, and even humor, Lamont and Patty were deeply instrumental in helping us build a stronger foundation in our marriage. It's clear that they sincerely cared about our growth as a couple. They were the marriage cheerleaders, counselors, and friends we needed during one of our darkest times. We are so grateful for their impact. Attending their workshops was one of the best decisions we've made. We pray this ministry builds up many other marriages in the same way it did ours.


Max and Tiesha

As a single Dad, one of the best decisions I made in 2016 was to enroll in Patty and Lamont's class "Parenting Godly Children". Their Christ-centered parenting class helped me refocus my efforts on eternal values, whilst also allowing me to enjoy and have fun with my kids as they grew. Patty and Lamont each offer different perspectives from years of lived experience that when pulled together, provide great insights and tools to help build a happy and connected family. They are sincere and speak from the heart. While preparing for marriage, In 2018 I retook the course with my wife (then fiancé) and we were encouraged to see the progress made with the children and inspired to apply even more of their wisdom in our parenting.  We are confident that their godly approach to parenting works even for marriage. We agree with Patty's words, "God's ways work!"

Ben and Keva

Lamont and Pat's heart for God is clear in their pursuit to help marriages prosper with Him at the center of it. They helped my wife and I (re)discover one another even though we have been married for years with kids. Lamont and Pat truly embody 1 Peter 4:8: "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

As a husband, Lamont has shown me the importance I have in holding this family together, not as just a protector or provider, but as a leader - spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally. Ms. Pat helped me understand other roles my wife is looking for me to fill regardless of how strong she is and how much I think she's got it handled without me. Ephesians 4:2: "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." Lamont and Pat teaches and lives that growing is never done nor is it perfect, regardless of who you are, there is always going to be rough times but it's always able to be navigated with God at the helm.



Lamont and Patty are as authentic as you get.  They individually and together stay connected to the source of truth while never compromising the core of who Jesus designed them to be. What pours out of them is nothing short of humility and wisdom from above. When circumstances get tough, their response has and will always be humility and surrender through praise and prayer.  I trust them and the Jesus that dwells in them. They are mature and disciplined, but never come off as all-knowing; rather they demonstrate what it looks like for anyone to be able to access Jesus. Lamont and Patty have loved, celebrated, corrected, mentored, discipled, and have held my husband and me accountable for years. When we encounter people and circumstances in need of healing, direction, and the Gospel, we find ourselves sharing a lot of what we learned through Lamont and Patty.  They work hard to bless the current generation and generations to come and my family is no exception.   


It was a privilege and an honor to serve alongside Lamont and Pat Williams as we co-facilitated a marriage Bible Study. We were not only leading, but learning at the same time. As we began, we watched couples sitting at opposite ends of the table, with looks of apprehension and doubt. Reading their faces, as if they were saying, “why bother, it’s too late.” By the time the study was done, they didn’t want it to end! We looked out on smiling faces, as they held hands under the table. We learned together, cried together, laughed together, prayed together. As an added bonus, lasting relationships were forged. 

Marriage is work! We have to be intentional! We have to keep our families together! My husband and I would have never made it if Jesus Christ had not been at the center. After 39 years and counting, HE STILL IS and we give all thanks and honor to God. We are so thankful to have attended Bible Studies, seminars and marriage conferences and we still do! Marriage is definitely WORTH FIGHTING FOR!#WFF



We have had the honor of knowing The Williams for several years now. Their guidance, teaching, wisdom, insight and love has provided us with so much support and direction in our lives, our marriage and our parenting. We know we would not be where we are at in our lives and marriage without their help. We would likely not have made it to 8 yrs of marriage without their partnership in our success. We know that they have a special gift for blessing others to succeed in marriage and parenting. We are indebted to them and will never forget their generous outpouring into our lives. 

Craig and Kate

Words can not adequately express the generational impact that Lamont and Pat Williams have had on our lives. Having just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, there is a renewed gratitude in our hearts for the role they played in helping us learn not only how to have a God honoring marriage but how to create a godly household environment for our children that will honor HIm for generations to come. The Williams ability to impart a balance of truth with grace enabled us to walk through a season where without their love and support, there is a sincere possibility that not only would we not still be married but we wouldn't have our beautiful daughter Taryn today. They are a unique gift to the body of Christ and we will be forever grateful for the impact they've had on our lives.

Paul and Camillia

My husband and I have had the privilege of knowing Lamont and Patti for over 20 years! We met in church and I’m convinced it was God’s divine design that our families would do life together. There aren’t enough words to describe what a blessing Lamont and Patti have been to my marriage, my parenting, and my personal walk with the Lord. They are REAL and it’s their authentic approach to life that draws people in and allows everyone they meet to see Christ through their example. 

When we were newly married, Lamont and Patti adopted us as younger siblings and shared wisdom that we now pass along to other married couples and parents. They knew us before we had kids and they stood by us through the birth and development of all three of our kids. They laughed with us and cried with us through some incredible highs and lows in life. They prayed for us when our children had life-threatening health issues. They encouraged us when we were exhausted from parenting very active little people. And even as our little people became teenagers, they were there encouraging us through every stage. Lamont and Patti are not superhuman, they are super obedient to the will of God. They live a life of following Christ and practicing what they preach. 

Lamont and Patti have the most amazing testimony of marriage and they have two amazing kids that they are very close to. Much of what this power couple/power family has to give is born out of the love they have as a family. Christian and Sinclair are both brilliant, humble, Jesus-loving adults who have been wonderful examples to my own children. The nuggets of wisdom that flow from Christian and Sinclair has blessed my children directly - particularly as they are now going and preparing to go to college! 

Sinclair once took time to give our family and other underrepresented families of color a personal tour of Yale. I can’t tell you what it meant for my two Black sons to see a young man who looked like them and loved Jesus like them speak so confidently as a Yale student. Sinclair was the example my children and other children needed to see to make an Ivy League school possible in their minds. None of us will forget that day.

My husband and I attended a Williams family college prep workshop and it was everything we needed! We watched and took notes as Lamont, Patty and Christian shared their practical approaches to pursuing college - which was key to get both a parental and student perspective. When it came time for our daughter to apply to college, we implemented a number of lessons learned from that workshop. Long story short, our daughter got into 21 schools. The proof is in the pudding! Run, don’t walk to take their workshop. Trust, you too will thank God for this family! 

Kellee and David

I was initially a bit hesitant to go through the Marriage Ministry curriculum because I assumed that I already had a good marriage and nothing needed to change; or at-least that’s what I thought. Unbeknownst to me, my wife felt much differently and had her own list of issues that she felt needed to be addressed.

Going through the Marriage Ministry curriculum was an eye opener that caused both of us to look at things from a Godly perspective and not from our own view point, or how we were raised, or from our own thoughts and ideas about marriage.  It served as a guide that showed us how to make small, or sometimes major adjustments in an attempt to make our marriage a better place for both of us to survive and to thrive in.

Although my wife and I were married for 20-plus years at the time we went through the marriage ministry curriculum, we both found it to be an eye-opening experience, and a necessary tool for reminding us of our responsibilities as a Godly man and woman, and a Godly husband and wife; and a reminder of the necessary adjustments we both needed to make in order to keep from falling into the traps that continue to cause marriages to fail.

The marriage ministry and its curriculum was a great way to remind, refresh and renew our commitment towards each other, which has now lasted for 39 years and is still thriving!


Pat and Lamont are one of the most sincere and wisest couples we know. Their love for God exudes, and their passion for healthy marriage is evident in their own relationship and how they support and mentor couples. Pat and Lamont have been a lifeblood to many couples by vulnerably sharing their personal testimony. Their candor helps couples shift from feeling isolated to encouraged. Their wisdom and grace enables couples to hear truth in a way that they can resonate with and apply to their own marriages. 

Graig and Sophia

From Attendees
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