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Marriage Communication and Conflict Resolution

With businesses, you always hear that it’s location, location, location.


When it comes to marriage, it’s communication, communication, communication! In fact, we believe that nothing is more crucial for a thriving marriage. The challenge is that no one ever taught us how to communicate well with a spouse. If you work outside of the home, you spend most of your day using “work talk.” Yet talking to your spouse the way you talk to people at your job simply does not work. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you spend most of your day using "parent talk." Yet communicating with your spouse is different from communicating with anyone else in your life. 


The good news is we can all learn new skills if we are open to it. The Bible has a lot to say about how to succeed in communication, and these biblical principles are highly effective. This session combines real life stories with practical application to help you learn how to use biblical tools to communicate with your spouse.  It also teaches you how to resolve conflict, thereby strengthening your marriage instead of weakening it.


Raising Children to Love Their Faith

One statistic states that roughly 70% of Christian children drift away from their faith during their freshman year of college. The combination of busy schedules, the pressure to figure it all out, and the unfamiliar surroundings of campus life make it difficult to find a local church. This can lead to a slow “drifting away” from church and faith despite having attended church regularly during the years at home. What can we do as parents? Is it possible to prepare our kids to love their faith so much that they will consciously choose not to drift away from it? What can we do as they grow from toddlers to kids and from tweens to teens? And how do we do it?


We are grateful that our children chose to stick with their faith when they left for college and consciously surrounded themselves with Christian community. While Christian community is available on most campuses, young adults have to want to seek it out. Through stories and practical tips, we will share what we learned about raising our children to love their faith for themselves. We will share what worked, what didn’t work, and how God kept us through it all. 


Winning at Fatherhood

For men, the two biggest jobs we will have in life are: (a) husband and (b) father. Sure, there is that other job that we go to every day, and it’s not easy either. But the reality is that being a husband and a father are much harder than whatever we do for a living. So how do we succeed at fatherhood? With all of the training and education we have invested in learning how to do our job, we've had little or no teaching on how to be a father.


And fathering happens, literally, overnight.


You wake up one morning and suddenly you are a dad. As the children grow and life evolves, it can be a scramble just to keep up, let alone to help your children develop their faith, grow their character, and ground their lives in biblical understanding. The Bible has a lot to say about how to help our children, even in the midst of so many other forces trying to influence their lives. This session helps you learn how to use biblical tools to succeed as the dad in your children’s lives.


Preparing and Packaging your Kids for College and Top Universities

Getting your arms around the college preparation maze is a daunting task for any parent. This session seeks to untangle some of the questions.


Lamont and Pat were surprised, and blessed, when both of their children were accepted to 7 of the 8 Ivy League Universities. After reflecting on how this happened, they decided to write down their experiences and share the lessons learned with other interested parents. This session tackles some of the key questions that parents have such as: How many AP classes should my child take? How do I help my child do well on the SAT? Is there more to the college application than just grades and SAT scores? How does an average family afford an expensive top university?


All of these questions will be addressed in this session, along with a deep look at the role that faith, family, and relationships play in the college preparation process. Parents with students at all grade levels (elementary, middle, and high school) can benefit from pointers on how to prepare your child and how to create a plan for the eventuality of college applications. 

Fun at Home

The Power of 
a godly Husband

Every husband wants a happy marriage. A happy life together, forever. And whatever challenge life throws at us as a married couple, as long as we are pulling together in the same direction life is still good.


As Christians, we have an advantage in our married life. God has given us his promise for a life more abundant, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing with goodness. All by his loving kindness, everlasting grace and blessing on our lives. 


This workshop will encourage you that God's promises for your marriage are real and accessible to you. Come and learn through practical examples, stories from real life and a touch of humor, how to grab ahold of God's promises for your marriage and never let go!

Family was God's idea 

Which means the Bible has everything we need
to build the family God has for us.

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