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Helping Families Grow Together and Live in the Grace of God


building Your Family is Everything

We believe that a great family is worth fighting for. While it can be hard work, hard work has its rewards. Of all the things we do in life, building a great marriage and family can be one of the most satisfying. If we’re not having fun building our marriages and families, something is missing. We are committed to helping married couples, single parents, and families experience the full enjoyment of life together. The Bible has all of the tools that you need. It also has a lot to say about finding happiness as you build your marriage and your family. These workshops will help you learn how to practically apply these tools to your everyday life.

Workshops that Work

Interactive, personal sessions for small and large groups 

Our own story is far from perfect, which is exactly how we know that “God’s Ways Work.” We have a passion to see families experience the abundant life that the Bible describes. These down-to-earth, transparent, and fun-filled workshops are meant to help families develop a foundation for victory. The combination of instruction, personal stories, and practical application is designed to ignite a desire not just to exist, but to thrive and to fight for the love story that Christ died for us to have.  


Lamont & Pat

Lamont and Pat are two ordinary people who have experienced the extraordinary power of God. In 1997 they began working with the Marriage Ministry at Grace Covenant Church in Chantilly, Virginia. In 2010, they shifted into workshops. Each year, more and more couples signed up. Soon, Lamont and Pat started developing their own curricula to address the needs they saw among the families they were mentoring. Before they knew it, one marriage class had grown into the suite of family mentoring offerings available today. Through Worth Fighting For Family Mentoring, they desire to help families live lives overflowing with joy, faith, and blessings - lives that inspire others to fight for their own families. 

Lamont and Pat are deacons at Grace Covenant Church in Chantilly, VA. When not teaching workshops, working, or serving, they enjoy hanging out with friends and family, trying new foods, going to the beach, and traveling with their adult children, Christian and Sinclair.

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Daryl Taylor
Family Pastor
Grace Covenant Church

Pat and Lamont Williams are amazing, anointed vessels of God that impart wisdom based on their experiences in Christ. We at Grace Covenant Church are tremendously blessed to call them family. If you have the opportunity to sit in on one of their sessions on varying parenting or marriage topics, please don’t hesitate. You will be the better for your encounter with Christ through them.

Danell Perkins 
Lead Pastor
Rise Community Church

Navigating and cultivating marriages in our current world can be challenging and difficult.  Lamont and Patricia have a unique and powerful way of bringing biblical principles of marriage to a practical application that brings ease and health to every marriage relationship.  
My husband and I had the privilege of serving on the same marriage ministry team with them for several years and we have witnessed them help countless couples find strength and victory in their relationships.  Take the journey and enjoy the ride!  You will not be disappointed!

AJ McGraw
Associate Pastor
Grace Covenant Church

Lamont and Pat have been pillars in my life and ministry for years. As mentors, teachers, and friends they have shaped and formed countless marriages in our church, including my own! They live what they teach and teach what they live - which is a selfless, Christ-centered approach to learning to love your spouse the way God loves you.

Gregg & Kris Brennes
Lead Pastors
Grace Bible Church Honolulu

Lamont and Pat are two of our favorite people. We are so grateful to call them friends and our lives have been stretched and blessed through time spent with them. They have cultivated a deep relationship and rich love for God that is evident in their personal lives, marriage, and family. We anticipate their annual trip to Hawaii and our church community has been encouraged by their marriage and parenting sessions which are full of wisdom, laughter, and practical application. Their ministry is one birthed out of experience that is sure to encourage couples, regardless of where they are on their marriage and parenting journey.  

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